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Support custom fields in Behaviours#99

As a ScriptRunner Admin,
I would like to set up behaviours on my custom fields,
So that I can apply my business rules to custom information that is important to my company

Please specify the custom field TYPE (paragraph, multi checkbox, etc.) that you need supported to help us prioritise the order in which they are released

5 months ago
Changed the status to
In Progress
5 months ago

Number field, Text Field (multi-line), Select List (multiple choices), Text Field (single line), Select List (single choice), and Date Time Picker.

5 months ago

Hi Alexa,

Thank you for your message. I am happy to say that 4 of the field types you have mentioned, Text Field (multi-line), Select List (multiple choices), Text Field (single line) and Select List (single choice) have been worked on and are due to be released very soon.

As for the other fields you mentioned, Date Time Picker and Number field, we are currently prioiritising the next field types we work on, so I will feed this back to the team.



5 months ago

Update: Behaviours now supports six types of custom fields

  1. Custom single-select fields
  2. Custom multiple select fields
  3. Custom text fields
  4. Custom paragraph (multi-line text) fields
  5. Custom user picker fields
  6. Custom multiple-user picker fields

For more information, use cases and demo videos on how to set up behaviours on custom fields check out our latest blog post.

4 months ago

URL field

3 months ago

Multiple Issue Picker and Number field.

2 months ago

We are looking for the behaviors support for custom field types of Checkboxes, Radio Buttons, Number Field, URL field, Labels Field.

2 months ago

Hi All! Dropping a quick note to let you know that checkbox fields are now supported in Behaviours Cloud!

We’ll continue to add more and more custom field type support as it’s made available. Thanks!

2 months ago