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Ability to add or remove users from groups.#98

We have used 3rd party tools to do this but I would like to be able to add or remove users from groups with scriptrunner since it is an admin tool only. I have been trying to us other tools to add or remove users from groups based on JSM approval request and this is not easily done.
I believe scriptrunner would be able to help with this request and one of the better choices.

9 months ago

Thanks @Aaron Geister , we appreciate your feedback! Could you please give us more detail about your use case? (Steps one would take, logic, expected outcome, etc.) Thanks again!

8 months ago

If a user sends in a request via JSM and wanted to be added to application access or license for a product after approval from management we could have a script listener to allow this action to happen based on the reporter or user picker field to add that user to group that was specified in a request. This could hense be automated by scriptrunner listener that add user to group.

I understand today that app vendors are not allowed to use add remove user from group but if we could work with Atlassian to allow this it would be so helpful for admins to help automate requests.

I believe there are many more use cases but this is my first thought of an example or use case.

8 months ago