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When using functions in "ScriptRunner Enhanced Search", please support Japanese assignment types#76


issuesInEpics Query in ScriptRunner Enhanced Search doesn’t wok.
After asking support, I found out that the query doesn’t support Japanese issue type names.

Details below

Many Japanese Jira cloud users change their issue type to Japanese, not just Epic.
In particular, when migrating from Server to Cloud,
the Server is in a Japanese locale environment, and when migrating to the Cloud,
it will be in Japanese as it is, which will affect a wide range of users.
I think this is a very serious problem.

Could you please respond as soon as possible?

3 months ago

IssuesInEpics Query works by changing the issue type from Japanese to English, but please consider the impact on Jira search filter’s queries. Issue type names cannot be changed from Japanese to English.

3 months ago