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Ability of search option and preferably tabs for enhanced search filters#72

As a user, I wish to have a search option on created filters and preferably tabs to show my created filters versus other filters that shared by others.
So that I will not be facing the slowness in the interface I am seeing is not from the number of queries I have, but it is pulling up all queries that are shared with me also. I do realize that we have an issue with the number of queries each person can create but the immediate problem is the total number of queries pulling up in the list and having to scroll down to manually find anything.

8 months ago

This is quickly becoming a much bigger issue for us and has halted the roll out to other team members.

8 months ago

This issue is going to become critical for us. We have users that are building queries and the list continues to get longer and slower. Also, some users are no longer here and we cannot do anything with the queries because they are owned by someone else.

7 months ago
Merged Search Filter#116
a month ago