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Enable ScriptRunner script inclusion in Jira Automation for Cloud#59

Server/DC versions of ScriptRunner allow scripts to be embedded into Jira automation rules. This should be implemented in Cloud as well.

The situation I am encountering that I can’t resolve within the existing automation rules is retrieving the highest value a field takes in a group of issues. Not a usual case, but one that has been requested to keep priorities between linked issues consistent.

2 years ago

We use this function heavily at almost every DC customer with Scriptrunner. We try to keep everything as automations (to have one source of truth regarding special logic) and them employ Scriptrunner actions for logic/actions that cannot be build using the standard functionality in Automations.
It would also provide a workaround for not being able to create REST endpoints in Scriptrunner Cloud - you could create an automation triggered by ‘Incomming webhook’ and containing a Scriptunner action.

BR, Sune Lindhe

a year ago