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PortfolioParentof() require in Jql#47


Please add PortfolioParentof() funtion in Jira cloud

2 years ago

This is needed.

6 months ago

This feature can now be more easily developed, as Atlassian added a generic “parent” variable in Issue model (available in rest api, cf my screenshot).
Moreover, Atlassian is going to deprecate Epic-link and replace it with parent
So :

  • a Sub-task has a “parent”
  • a Story has a “parent” that can be an Epic or any custom hierarchy Parent
  • an Epic has a “parent” that can be an Initiative, or any custom hierarchy Parent

No matter of Advanced roadmaps or other, every parenting link is now generic.

So we could have a parentOf(query) generic JQL that return immediate parents of issues returned by query, simply by returning issue.fields.parent …

4 months ago
Changed the status to
Gathering Interest
4 months ago

Thanks @Florent.baret !
Please keep an eye out on here and our new website for any new updates or announcements

4 months ago

We’re now looking into the feasibility of introducing this function to Cloud. As Portfolio is now Advanced Roadmap on Jira Cloud, we want to update the name of this function.
Would love to hear all your thoughts! Any suggestions? How do the below sound or does it not really matter to you?

18 days ago

Keep it simple. Use the word parent (not dependency, that’s something different). ParentsOf or similar.

18 days ago

Hi Gli, absolutely a very good (and needed) new ! My thought is to be consistent with JQL method that allow to get parents of subtasks. So definitively parentOf(JQL).
Moreover hierarchy is no more an advRoadmaps matter (and that have been renamed multiple times by Atlassian : portfolio->advRoamaps->Plan
So in my opinion, if you provide a generic JQL parentOf(subJQL) that allow to find through every level of hierarchy, YOU ARE WINNERS
I would glad to help if needed, contact me directly

18 days ago

Can not agree more with Vickie and Florent. Great to see a progress here!

15 days ago