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Scriptrunner Enhanced Search: Allow saving syntactically correct filters even if they timeout#34


I currently have a library of named filters used to simplify complex scriptrunner queries so that they can be more easily used as building blocks to create other filters.

Example from Server:
filter = “Unblocked Issues”
JQL: issueFunction in linkedIssuesOf(“statusCategory = Done”, “is depended on by”) OR issueFunction not in hasLinks()

A board owner/admin can then setup a quickfilter that just says filter = “Unblocked Issues” without needing to know the syntax for using ScriptRunner functions.

We can combine named filters to color code things like:
filter = “Ready for Work” AND filter = “Blocks Other Issues”

The problem right now is that if the filter is too broad, it won’t even let you save it.

3 years ago

Hey Cory, thanks a lot for this. This makes sense and completely see the use case you described. We’ve now got a dedicated team working on the search capabilities within ScriptRunner so hopefully ideas like this will get picked up more quickly. Really appreciate the suggestion!
ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud Team

3 years ago