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Script Snippets (Modules)#33

I believe it would be a useful feature to be able to share segments of code between scripts.

This would save on code redundancy and usage of the limited script storage space.

I guess it would essentially be working as a module system but only internally to script runner. Where the modules or even just specific methods could be imported/called inside Script Listeners, Scheduled Jobs and even the Script Console.

My use case would be storing a helper method I wrote, for handling all REST requests and processing the response. I copy and paste this into all my scripts for convenience at the moment.

3 years ago

I think this is the same as #38?

2 years ago

This does seem to be the same as #38 . This feature would be very useful for our company too since we also reuse the same methods in many scripts. A concept similar to Script Variables where I can define functions to reuse would be great.

2 years ago