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Scriptrunner Fragment Types on Cloud#28


Currently there is only one type of Fragment available on Scriptrunner Cloud. For example we require the Web Item object which is still not available. It would rewally help if this feature was expanded to atch server.

3 years ago

We see that Share Dashboard/Filter ad Manage filter subscription provide option to share it with large groups like ‘jira-users’.
We do not want to show these options, so please provide a solution to hide large groups from ‘Group’ option and ‘My Organization’ option itself.

We add all users to ‘jira-users’ license group and our internal groups ‘Sapies’ and ‘Clients’ to distinguish internal and external users. In case anyone share Dashboard/Filter with ‘jira-users’ then it will be visible for all the users. So to make sure we don’t have any confidentiality issue, we need to hide these large groups while sharing. Please guide us if any script can help to achieve this.

4 months ago