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Jira Cloud - Support for Epic issue type rename in issuesInEpics()#22


In the implementation of SAFe we have renamed the standard Atlassian issuetype Epic into Feature.
Because of the rename the ‘issueFunction in issuesInEpics()’ search function throws the error ‘Failed to get issues in epic’.

10 months ago

the change to support a renamed ‘epic’ (such as ‘Epic (feauture)’ would be extremely useful for my projects since not easy/quick for Jira administrators at Lumen to rename the ‘Epic(feature)’ object back to the predefined ‘Epic’ without potentially affecting projects and also SAFe has Epic -> Feature -> Story hierarchy so the current named Epic(feature) is a better name than Epic xxx -> Epic -> User story. All your SAFe clients would greatly benefit from this change.

3 months ago