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Add Select List Conversions from External Data Stores to Jira Cloud#16


Currently, in Jira Server/DC, you can use Scriptrunner Behaviours and Rest scripts to retrieve a dynamic drop-down list of information from an external data store during issue creation. You are also able to parse out already chosen custom fields during issue creation inside of the behaviour script, which can be sent to the external data store to filter results.

With Jira Server on site being depreciated, many teams are going to be making the switch to Jira Cloud, and Scriptrunner for Jira Cloud does not support this functionality yet.

Being able to perform select list conversions during issue creation for Jira Cloud would be a lifesaver for my team, and I am sure many other teams out there who will be facing a similar dilemma and possibly looking at other plugin alternatives to try to emulate this same functionality.

3 years ago