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The JQL extension is now using an intermediate filter. But, you want a real JQL extension like "issueFunction in epicsOf('project = STORIES')"#15

In the server/datacenter edition of ScriptRunner, it is possible to write direct extended JQL like the example. That was convinient and straight forward. Now with the cloud version, we have a real hassle with using “ScriptRunner search” that creates a synced filter. Then, we have to reference it in JQL as in “filter = 4711”. There are more limitations and workarounds/imperfections like that nobody else except me can change that filter…

The server implementation is in my opinion an easy to use and valuable killer feature for ScriptRunner. Please make the cloud version for JQL functional identical

3 years ago
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Gathering Interest
3 years ago

We embed may JQL queries in our Confluence documents. The main use case is to list related issues. Thus we have many Jira macros to different Jira issues in our documents. For example: issueFunction in linkedIssuesOf("key=PRDMGT-53", "Implemented by"). This worked great prior to our recent migration from Jira Server to Jira Cloud.

I am aware that the ScriptRunner Enhanced query can be saved as a filter from within the Enhanced Search page and then I could display the results of that filter within a Confluence page via the Jira macro. However, that requires that I create a unique saved filter for every issue I want to run the enhanced search on. On the server version I could simply place the query in confluence. Now I must create a unique filter and call that unique filter from confluence. That makes referencing linked issues from confluence impractical for us.

Could there be a way to have an argument or parameter passed in to an enhanced search or better yet, support ScriptRunner Enhanced as normal Jira JQL?

2 years ago