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Add a complete example of working code for workllow especially send email notification#130


Currently, there is not enough information for the starter in developing ScriptRunner for JIRA Cloud script. The provided examples do not provide enough information to develop a full functionally scripts. For example, the send email notification in Post Functions . The information in the documentation code snippets do not work. It takes time and support time to get the information to get going for the starters.

It would extreamely helpful to have a “Working” code sample that the beginners can use as a prototype and expand it to develop their code. For those who is not familiar with Groovy language and new to ScriptRunner, it is currently VERY difficult to start using ScriptRunner for JIRA Cloud. I myself experience this situation.

For example, in the scriptRunner for JIRA Workflow, Post Functions, send email notfication, the example does not work and it shows errors in the script editor.

The same suggestion apply to all documentation for other ScriptRunner features.

a year ago