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Support Behaviours in Jira Service Management#101

As a ScriptRunner Admin,
I would like to use behaviours in JSM,
So that it’s easy for my users/customers to provide all information needed

Pleaes comment with detailed use cases (or the impact of not supporting this) - they are very helpful!

9 months ago
Changed the status to
Gathering Interest
9 months ago

We have a mix of JSM and JWM projects designed to work together, searching and linking issues in each other.
Having behaviours also in JSM allows to streamline the alignment of custom fields between interconnected projects.
As a starting point it would be enough to have the behaviour working in standard Jira web UI, and then if possible or needed extended to the Help portal too.

8 months ago

I have a specific use case where users submit issues in a service project and for a specific request type the Change Type field is set to a default value so I want to hide that field using Behaviours. I have the field marked as hidden in the request type form but since users submit issues in JSM instead of the portal the field is not hidden. I can’t use a Behaviour to hide the Change Type field because it is a service project field (as is Request Type which would be used in the if statement).

4 months ago

Hello all who voted for this capability! A short update on the status:
We’ve been working closely with Atlassian expressing how important it is that Behaviours works on your JSM projects. They understand and have added it to the UIM roadmap (Behaviours is dependent on that API)
This is great news!
FYI support for Issue View and transition screens will come first.

A question to you all: is anyone blocked from moving to Cloud because JSM is not yet supported in Behaviours? Please reply if so

3 months ago

We are using behaviours in many of our JSM project on Jira preem and this is a quite critical feature for us.
I sure hope this will be implemented in cloud for JSM so we can have the same funtionality after migrated.

2 months ago